ALM Infra

ALM in last decade has emerged as India's widely recognized and appreciated Food Company having a global presence and a pan-India network. Being India's largest agro-exporter has made us realize our responsibilities and that's the reason company has invested hugely in a technology-backed infrastructure. With its eyes set firmly on growing nationally as well as internationally, ALM takes a lead in building eco-friendly infrastructure so that we are able to honour international orders with full commitment to deadlines. ALM's large scale production and value addition infrastructure helps in keeping production costs in control.

Our Technology-Backed Infrastructure



Not just in processing, ALM ranks high in term of logistics. It has the most reliable supply chain network aided by a large fleet of trucks to ensure that the orders reach our clients in no time at all. When it comes to international deliveries, every minute detail in Logistics is being taken care of by a team of experts and there is rarely any complaint for loss of product or bad packing/distribution of ALM products in such transactions.



Basmati is so very like Champagne; the older it gets - the tastier and aromatic it is!
Fragrance that is so potent for Basmati is not easy to obtain; it calls for passionate research, dedication and stringent quality control. But most importantly it requires optimum aging done in world-class warehouses.
ALM understands and honours the need of Basmati for optimum aging. The large moisture-controlled warehouses in the outskirts of... (city) are built as per international standards. The Basmati is kept here for at least 24 to 36 months and aged gradually in most hygienic conditions.
The result is for you to feel - unmatched aroma of ALM rice.
Open the pack and just indulge - both in the fragrance and taste.

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